MIC Conference

Municipal Innovators Community

Helen Kerr on Thinking like a Designer.

The MIC conference in Guelph this year is a forum focused on cities, innovation, leadership and public service. Participants at MiC2017 will celebrate great municipal work, learn from inspiring, experienced, knowledgeable speakers and connect with a community of dedicated and creative public servants.

The census shows that 82 percent of Canadian population live in large and medium-sized cities across the country, one of the highest concentrations among
G7 nations.

Municipalities from across Canada recognize the importance of developing innovative techniques and the importance of being able to demonstrate the tangible benefits of those efforts as they impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of cities.

Thinking Like A Designer

Helen Kerr will be presenting on “Thinking like a Designer”. At the workshop participants will learn to apply designer (problem solving) sensibilities. Merging theory with an example of on-the-ground application in a municipality, this session is based on the deep and broad experience of innovation gained across a range of sectors and projects.

Thinking Like A Designer workshop: Helen Kerr and from the Region of Peel, Marco Romano and Amy Stevens

Presentations at MiC2017 also include: