Expo for Design, Innovation, and Technology

Helen Kerr on the Future of Work


The Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology is a large public exhibition that brings together a range of leading figures from multiple sectors and practices Through an array of participatory experiences, talks, installations, and workshops, participants are challenged to discover how they, too, can design the future.

In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, EDIT is a 10-day immersive festival that will bring us one step closer to achieving the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Future of Work:

Today, the steady advancement of technologies and the accelerated pace of disruptive change create less and less predictable environments in which we work. Organization Design plays a major role in reshaping the way we work, transitioning “old ways” of doing things, to new and better ways of doing and being. These new ways of working enable organizations to create workplaces that accommodate complexity, unconceived technologies, innovation, and (most importantly) our collective and individual purpose.

Fostering a culture of innovation and meaning is a viable way to revolutionize organizations, and unleash the potential of the people that powers them. This talk aims to explore the future of work, and how Design builds thriving organizations in unforeseeable environments.

Moderator: Simon Mhanna

Helen Kerr, KerrSmith

Mark Kuznicki, The Moment

Mark Raheja, AugustPublic

Jane Watson, Actionable