Evidence-based Research.

We know where to look for information, and we know what to do with it when we find it. Our research is not done in support of pre-determined theories. It is intense investigation that drives our real design solutions.


Helen Kerr holds a degree in Environmental Science. She applies laboratory and scientific acumen to her design studio. This unique combination of art and science has established KerrSmith as a leading Canadian design practice.


We work hard to develop solutions that are a part of real life. Although we may push boundaries, we make a point of bringing workable designs out of the theoretical ether. As in everything we do, we observe, evaluate, test, measure, record, refine, and test again. Our results speak for themselves. We provide business-changing innovation that our clients can use. We hold multiple international patents and are credited with scientific research and experimental development credentials by the Government of Canada.


We engage in rigorous methodology that includes benchmarked verification and validation of results. We use primary, secondary and tertiary information gathering techniques including ethnographic study and experience prototyping.

Over the past few years we have also forged connections with academic researchers and institutions to maintain our cutting edge in emerging science, materials and processes. Particularly in the area of sustainability, our experience is deep.


We create research reports that document the process and findings and provide insights and recommendations.