Markville Shopping Centre

From mall to shopping centre.

The Markville Shopping Centre brand is about the shopping experience and is driven by a premium, exciting, diverse and branded merchant presence. Clean, contemporary, modern and sleek, Markville provides the backdrop for the successful retail environment created by energetic and highly desired retail tenants.

The Markville brand is key – it demonstrates identity, status, knowledge and worth. It must send the right signals to shoppers and create the draw for shopping “inspiration” and a highly enjoyable experience. The Markville brand sets high standards for quality and performance. It is reflected in the architecture with glass balustrades, skylights and a chic and restrained palette of white, black and gray materials. The Markville graphic identity is built around an elegant custom-designed serif word-mark, supported by a monogram “MV” and repeat black and white pattern. The components of the graphic system set the stage for a refined, tasteful and classical expression of the brand. It captures a common purpose that is at the heart of every great brand.