Current Projects

Elections Canada

Elections Canada (EC) is working towards building a new five-year Strategic Plan that will set the road ahead to ensure the most effective use of resources, meet strategic and operational objectives, and transcend the traditional electoral cycle. EC has engaged KerrSmith to lead a foresight exercise that will support the development of the Strategic Plan and inform both its innovation agenda and the CEO’s long-term vision. Our approach of scanning for signals of change relevant to the electoral system and the creation of plausible future scenarios to build resilience will enrich the process.

Ontario Centres
of Excellence

KerrSmith is working with Ontario Centres of Excellence and the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade to design highly targeted and effective challenges to support the growth of high-potential, technology-driven small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the province. Using public sector challenges as a platform for inspiring SMEs to develop and test innovative technology solutions, Ontario Centres of Excellence and the Government of Ontario are working in partnership to help SMEs launch their innovations from an idea stage to become globally competitive providers of products and services.

Inspiration Lakeview

KerrSmith is working with Deloitte, Urban Strategies and Lord Cultural Resources on research, engagement and the development of strategic plans for a new lakefront district in the city of Mississauga. We have been tasked with creating a branding and marketing framework that will attract developers, major tenants and residents to “Inspiration Lakeview”.

We participated in stakeholder engagement, research, reports and presentations. Our experience with Waterfront Toronto and other place-making projects gives us perspective and experience for this long-term project.

Inspiration Lakeview will be a mixed-use neighbourhood on the last parcel of Mississauga waterfront land and will include an innovation corridor and cultural hub.

Connected Network

The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is in the process of a major transformation in public transit infrastructure.

KerrSmith in partnership with Applied Wayfinding is working on a significant wayfinding, and information harmonization project for transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The regional transportation plan lays out a long-term vision for the seamless integration of pubic transit for the region.

$16B worth of investment in rapid transit is underway to meet the extraordinary projected rate of regional growth with the ambition to create a more collaborative and confederated transit network for the entire area.

Essential to the success of the project, is the creation of a coordinated strategy to ensure that transit riders in the GTHA can easily understand how the 11 transit operators interconnect and how to use the regional transit network, while still allowing individual operator brands to coexist.

The project has created region-wide transit wayfinding planning and design standards that will harmonize transit information across the full range of complex architectural and signage products in the GTHA.