Foresight & Insight

Design Thinking Workshop


Richmond Hill Public Library

Scope of Work

  • Research
  • Literature Review
  • 3 Horizon Workshop
  • Interview
  • Survey
  • System Mapping
  • Report with Recommendations

Modern libraries are important facilities that offer resources, space, and activities for a broad audience. Whether it is business or professional development, entertainment, culture, or education, the Richmond Hill Library is constantly developing innovative approaches to interact with the community. As media evolves and cities change it is essential that fundamental public resources stay relevant. Our workshop was facilitated with a provocative presentation, engaging activities and lively dialogue.

For the Richmond Hill Public Library, we provided an introduction to the basic elements of Design Thinking: information gathering, pattern-finding and processing, idea generation and evaluation, and collaborative solution creation. Team members completed the workshop with skills that they will be able to implement in their work across the organization. They gained critical understanding of Design Thinking to address issues beyond product and service offerings to include funding, operations, and delivery of the library’s value proposition.

Design Thinking is a broad, trans-disciplinary problem-solving approach that cultivates creative ideation, iterative prototyping, and concurrent business analysis using structured methods that promote deep understanding of real needs and the attainment of appropriate outcomes. Design Thinking has been identified as a key approach for developing innovative solutions that are desirable, effective, and viable. This approach is seen as an optimal fit to support innovation at varying levels: from incremental service design improvements to the development of new offerings, to identification and instigation of transformational operational changes throughout the organization.

This method is differentiated from other business and innovation programs by KerrSmith’s deeply creative and human-centered approach that has already demonstrated benefits to banks, healthcare institutions, government agencies, multi-platform media and the Canadian Armed Forces. Rooted in a culture of design thinking, we place an understanding of human behaviour at the heart of the problem finding, problem framing and problem solving. By assisting organizations to bypass old assumptions and to discover true insights into their present and potential reality, we help them build resilience in the present and readiness for the future.


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