Foresight & Insight

Design Thinking & Clean Energy Workshop



Scope of Work

  • Research
  • Literature Review
  • 3 Horizon Workshop
  • System Mapping
  • Report with Recommendations

TransAlta is an electricity power generator and wholesale marketing company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, and is Canada’s largest clean electricity provider.

With an emphasis on renewable sources of energy, TransAlta operates hydro sites in Alberta and Ontario and has expanded hydro capacity in British Columbia. TransAlta is also Canada’s largest producer of wind energy with sites in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, and continues to expand development of this fuel source. TransAlta recognizes the impact and challenges that climate change presents to society and to business today and into the future. TransAlta has been at the forefront of open and transparent dialogue regarding climate change since the early 1990’s.

Helen Kerr conducted a remote talk as part of their Innovation Presentation Series. Helen facilitated a successful “Design Thinking” workshop to 100 members of their international innovation team.


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