2D Design: Branding

Molloy Van Wert


Jimmy Molloy & Lindsay Van Wert

Scope of Work

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Sales Materials

We worked with Jimmy Molloy and Lindsay Van Wert to create a new brand for their premium real-estate partnership in Toronto.

As we obsessed about the details of the letterspacing and layout to create a custom wordmark (highly a la Massimo) we left the insanity of the over heated market to the pros.

We created a basic brand strategy, suggested a number of ideas to present properties, developed the messaging with them and created the website and (dare we say it?) a pretty nice stationery package with foil stamping, custom envelopes and fancy business cards. So far their sales are through the roof, but we can’t claim direct responsibility for that. (Apparently there’s a lack of “product”).

And no, it’s not Helvetica. But it is orange PMS 151 C. We tried to negotiate a percentage of sales for our fees, but they wouldn’t go for it.

The orange was Jimmy’s idea, but it is also the colour of Holland. It sure looks great with the dark green.


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