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Introduction to Foresight Training


Supply Chain Canada

Scope of Work

  • Research
  • Literature Review
  • 3 Horizon Workshop
  • System Mapping
  • Report with Recommendations

Supply Chain Canada ensures Canadian supply chain professionals and organizations are recognized for leading innovation, global competitiveness, and driving economic growth.

By investing in continual career-long learning and curated information, SCC creates the knowledge and skill competencies necessary to succeed. Supply chains are the backbone of the economy. Canada is the prosperous, revered nation it is today because of the continued work of almost a million innovative supply chain professionals.

Canada’s supply chain enables $1 trillion worth of goods movement and is ranked among the top 20 nations in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index.

Helen hosted 2 days of remote meetings to 300 supply chain professionals. The workshops included exercises, break-out sessions, feedback with questions and answers, all successfully facilitated using teleconferencing technology.


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